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Naval fittings

  • Innovations and high quality

Innovations and high quality are the distinctive features of our Company’s products.
These features are suited to the prestige of the ships to which our products are destined.The experience deriving from over twenty five years of activity and the collaboration with a leader companies, has allowed us to achieve a know-how in the Teak manufacturing, and both in other prestigious essences and to be able to meet the demands and expectations of Companies and designers with personalized solutions which are suited to the required degree on both the qualitative and technical level.


Quality and transformation


The high quality of our manufacture product is the result of solutions developed thanks to a long experience in working with timber together with advanced manufacturing techniques, monitored by the quality system ISO 9001 certified by TUV Italy the German TUV South Group.
The choice of the type of essences and the natural seasoning most favorable for every type of product are the first guarantees of the final quality of our product.
Precision and constant quality in the production are achieved by using automatic machines and CNC machines.
Furthermore our office can provide the technical support and the necessary assistance to answer the requirements of the designers, while the availability of stock from our warehouse allows us to meet any order without supplying problems.

Our experience together with a constant technological innovation and a high degree of specialization, are the added values of our products, whose unrelinquishable aim is their quality and the satisfaction of our Clients and final consumers.